Respect of Women in Islam

If you had been to ask someone who isn’t always a Muslim what they idea of women in Islam, they would likely use the phrases ‘oppressed’ and ‘2nd magnificence citizens’. This isn’t their fault as they may be certainly reading into the headlines and films that painting Muslim girls as being susceptible and without a real rights in Islam by any means. They see Muslim girls carrying a veil or headscarf but do now not recognise the cause in the back of this and will reach the belief that this is because they’re being ruled through their jealous husbands. It is time to dispel some of the myths surrounding Islam & women.

ladies are simply given a excessive fame in Islam HAMKA. Much of what’s visible and the way a few Muslim girls are treated is not because of religion however greater with the aid of way of life. These two should now not be pressured as being related to one another. Islam does now not say that girls have to not be knowledgeable because it encourages ladies to research as they are to help lead the destiny generations of Muslims within the international and for them to be right citizens of their respective countries.

The carrying of the headband and overlaying of the body is required by way of Muslims however much may be taken out of context as it changed into initially written. Men also are required to cover themselves however this is not usually carried out with the aid of Muslim men, this is while Islam is used in opposition to the believing women to lead them to agree with that what they may be advised to do is a part of Islam but is definitely not. Women that put on the scarf regularly due so out of personal desire and their willingness to observe their perception.

Muslim ladies are fully permitted to paintings, and to train themselves and had been doing so in many countries around the arena. There are many countries round the sector wherein Muslim ladies are being oppressed and are being handled as 2d class residents but within the West things have changed dramatically and are persevering with to progress the rights of the regular Muslim female. Forced arranged marriages are a component of the past in the West as is the notion that women have to now not be entitled to vote or power.

Women are the coronary heart of a Muslim family and should be treated with love and appreciate. Islam does no longer say for women for use as cleaners or cooks around the home. This is a conventional trait typically brought returned from the Eastern countries back right here to the West and for the only comfort & enjoyment of the husband. This isn’t how Islam says to deal with ladies.

Islam is a manner of life, a way to lead a totally peaceful and productive life for both men and women. There are variations from ladies and men but as long as they follow the true teachings of Islam then they are able to work together to both be the satisfactory Muslims they can be.